Piedmont Polar Plunge

What a charge to my system.  Maybe, almost, too much of a charge!

My baby sister, Tammy Jones signed up for the Piedmont Polar Plunge with me.  Even though the temps were in the mid thirties, we showed up with our tankini (me) & bikini (Tammy).  Our Mom, Shirley Bagwell, middle sister, Sherrie A Thornton & my hubby, Art Lyle were there to cheer for us.

The plunge was a fundraiser for Venecia’s Foundation.  She collects items & gift cards for care bags for chemo patients.  Since she is a four time survivor, she knows just what they need when they are sitting in that chair getting chemo treatments.

We visited with several people & had pics taken for the newspaper & tv then stood waiting to get into the water.  By that time we had ditched our shoes & found the concrete around the pool to be icy.  By the time the Mayor & others spoke our toes were turing blue.

Finally, Mayor Billy Baker & Venecia Butler held hands & went thru the ‘car wash’ & under the ‘mushroom’ before hitting the ladder & going back to the slide.

There were a few more, then me & Tammy held hands thru the beginning of it.  Everything was going great until I lost Tammy’s hand.  She had slipped a little bit.  By the time I was in the chest deep water I was getting light headed.  Guess my heart isn’t as strong as I thought since the open heart surgery.  I made it to the ladder but had no strength to pull myself out of the water.  I asked anybody behind me to give me a push to help me get out.  A nice fellow in a red white & blue top hat obliged & I was so happy Mr. America helped me out!

I was sooooo cold!  I could barely walk to where Mom had been sitting.  I had to sit for a bit & wrap up in a blanket with a towel around my feet before I could go get dressed.

I had on a hot pink hat but it didn’t keep any water off of me.  Tammy had a tall checkered ‘Cat in the Hat’ hat & her head stayed dry.  May have to find me one of those hats!

With the entry fees & donations Venecia raised over $3000.

I was a good day!

ABC 33/40

ABC 33/40 & Focus@4 – asled this question:

Has your physician ever had to give you a medication other than the one he  wanted you to take because your insurance did not cover it? Please share your stories with us.

This is my response:

I went thru this with my blood pressure med. Corgard works great & I have taken it for years with Tricare covering it.

After my open heart surgery they re-evaluated my profile & decided to stop paying for the non-generic form. We went thru this several years ago & already knew the generic forms did not work. We went thru it again.

After having a triple heart bypass, the last thing I needed was to have my blood pressure out of control. I tried four or five different meds for a month or so at a time with each letting my blood pressure fluctuate drastically from high to low. My vision started going, very rapidly. I had to have a new eyeglasses prescription within three months.

The heart doctor was not happy with the results of the generic meds but complied with everything they asked us to do. He finally sent them letters requesting me to go back on Corgard as he prescribed, as a medical necessity. Even they eye doctor was sending letters to Tricare to get me back on Corgard.

I finally started just paying cash for the meds so I could get what the doc wanted me to take & keep my blood pressure under control. Express Scripts is the one denying the non-generic Corgard. The local Tricare representative even approved it & asked them to aprove it & they still would not approve it. So, for about a year & a half, I have been paying almost $200 a month for my meds which should only cost $9.00 a month.

If the doctor tries alternatives & they don’t work, the insurance companies should pay for what does work. Period. This is ridiculous. I have asked them to re-evaluate & they say they will but they still have not approved it.

Then, to top it all off, I got a discount pharmacy card to reduce the cost of this one prescription a little bit. I get about a 10% discount by using it. It is not alternative insurance, just a discount prescription card. Every time I get my prescription filled, the codeing somehow gets messed up & when I go in to order new prescriptions from Tricare, my account is frozen because they have me listed as having other insurance coverage. I have to call them & wait for a live person to get on the line then after explaining the problem, they will take the hold off the account. Only then can I order any refills they have for me so they can get them shipped to me.

Frustrating. Raises my blood pressure on a regular basis.

Good for my heart? I don’t think so!

My Trip to Texas

When you go back to a place you lived for a long time it can be a lot of fun.  Seeing all the changes since yoiu left & visiting with old friends.

That’s how the recent trip to Texas went.  We stopped in Lafayette, Louisiana on the way & ate at Prejean’s Cafe.  With the very large alligator greeting us at the entrance, the beautiful stained glass wall & the 3-D walls & trees in the restaurant it was pretty interesting.  They had a Cajun band that sang a lot of their songs in their native Cajun so we couldn’t understand the words but some of them we know because of the music that went with the songs.  I had to ask for the least spicy items on the menu since I just never learned to eat all that hot spicy stuff.  But, I had to try Art’s to see how if it was good.  Both dishes were delicious. I just couldn’t have eaten more than two bites of Art’s for the hot seasoings in it!  One bite made my eyes water!  My broiled & covered catfish was something I will always remember & probably never be able duplicate.  Stop in & have a visit if you’re traveling thru the area.  It was well worth the visit.


When we got to Houston we had to call Janet for directions since I seemed to have misplaced my printout.  She got us there with no problems.  I’m not sure I could have found it on my own since there have been some major changes in the area since I was living there 18 years ago. 

Janet’s in a really neat condo.  It’s right next to the freeway but not as noisy as I would have thought.  I had more trouble with having street lights outside than I did with the noise since I’m used to it begin so dark at home.  We spent the night with her going & coming from Art’s cousin Hubert’s place.  We enjoyed a great visit with her & got to see Denise twice & Steve stopped by for coffee one morning.  It was really nice seeing all of them.  Janet’s been my bestest friend since 1976 & Denise was there for me when I really needed a friend & place to stay once upon a time.  Steve I had not seen since the 80’s.  What a blast from the past! 

And kolaches!  Why don’t the bakeries around here have kolaches?  Does Houston have the market cornered or something??? They are the best things to eat!

And we got to visit with our GrandDoggie, Dixie.  Dixie is one of Bailey’s pups & is Chancie’s sister.  She’s a much more dainty, ladylike little girl than Chancie.  It seems they both have a penchant for not wanting their faces washed or their hair brushed.  It’s really a shame since they both have such baby fine & soft hair.  Alas, the perils of headstrong doggies.  We had a blast playing with her & her older doggie.  Gotta love the little schit’zh’s!

On to Huber’s for the Lyle Family Reunion on Saturday.  What a blast!  We really enjoyed staying with Hubert & Brenda & visiting with all the family.  They have a fantastic place out in the country in the Hardin area.  There are horses & bulldogs, guinnie chickens, pigeons & big beautiful blue & gold macaws.  I went around the yard picking up fieathers right along with the kids!  They are really beautiful!

Brenda & Hubert put a LOT of work into making the reunion successful.  From doing some major cooking out on the grill (during a no burn time), to having a Little Miss Lyle pageant (totally adorable), to having an auction on some pretty neat items.  I got a cruet with apples on it that matches my kitchen & Art got a birdhouse that is out of this world beautiful. 

Art downloaded everybody’s pics on his computer & I took down everybody’s names & addresses & phone numbers.  When Art gets off his duff, we’re making copies for everybody.  Art stuffed the list of names, etc into his laptop  case.  I still haven’t gotten it from him.  And when I figure out how to download my pics from my camera on my phone I am gonna post them on facebook.  I did get a great recording of Annie Ruth telling me if I post her pic on facebook with her mouth open we aren’t gonna be friends any more. 

On the trip back we stopped off in Gross Tete, Louisiana to visit with the tigers at Tiger Truck Stop.  I had started visiting with Rainbow &  Toby some time in the 80’s whenever I would drive back & forth to visit Mom in North Alabama.  They only have one tiger now.  His name is Tony.  He decided to hide the whole time we were there so we didn’t get to see him.  The tiger cage has had some major improvements over the years.  It was just a small chain link pen when I first visited.  They have anothere big pen around that one that’s made of the bars like they have a the zoo.  And they’ve added some stuff in the pens for the tigers to play with so they don’t get bored.  I think it was just too hot to come out of the cememt block cage the day we were there.  Maybe next trip we can see them.


My Life Contained in a Phone

Who would ever have thought I could have so much of my life contained in one little electronic box???

I was out by the pool doing some clean up & leaned my walking stick against the ladder.  When I reached down to pick something up, the walking stick decided to do a back flip into the pool!  It was quite a performance to watch & I was very glad the walking stick floats but the phones that were in the cupholder weren’t very happy about it!  Nor were the meds I had in there!

I grabbed the stick & started trying to turn off the iPhone right away.  With my wet fingers, it didn’t want to let me turn it off but I finally managed to get it to slide over to turn it off.  Unfortunately, you can’t take those phones apart so there was no way to get it dried out very fast. 

I got the back off & the battery unplugged from the house phone next.  I do have a waterproof phone that actually floats in the pool.  Unfortunately, that’s not the phone I had with me at the time!  Arrrrgggghhhhh!!!!!

My meds dissolved into unrecognizable lumps in a matter of seconds.  I got them out of the container & set them on the counter to dry out a little bit.  They were in a little green holder that clipped to my walking stick.  After I hung it up, it dried out pretty fast.  Later, when I took the meds they were still mushy but I took them with a little water to wash them down so that was not a problem.

My chapstick didn’t really care it got wet but the holder it was in was squishy so I set them all out to dry.

I had a little doggie print bag I had my hair clips & such in.  The hair stuff was wet but dried out pretty easily.  The little cotton bag I just hung up & it dried out in no time.

I had a cute apple shaped coin purse I had gotten from Thirty-One with a couple of bills in it.  It clips on the string on my cupholder on the walking stick.  I had been yardsaleing & it’s really handy not to have to carry a purse or wallet around.  It was stuffed on top of a bottle so it would dry out inside & the bills were spread out flat to dry.

The next next morning we had to be at the park for a 9/11 memorial & a public training day for civil defense so we had to wait until that was over to take the phone to the AT&T store to see if they could get it apart to get it to dry out.  They did get the shim card out & we left it open to help get it dried out.  When we got back home I put it in some rice to dry out better. 

I am afraid that is all going to be too little to late for my phone so we are already looking for a new one.  This one was past the contract date so it was out of warranty & had no insurance since we never got any on it when the warranty ran out. 

The last pic I took on this phone was number 1700.  That’s a LOT of pics!  We kept meaning to download them to my computer but the base you sit my phone into to download them quit working & we kept forgetting to replace it.  Now those pics are lost.  I’m so sad about that.  Some of them I had emailed to myself so I have them but most of them are just lost.

I think I had something like 20 plus doctors phone numbers & address in my phone!  Most I can put back in a new phone but the AT&T lady said iPhone’s store the info directly on the phone, not the shim card so most of the numbers I have will have to be manually entered when I get my new phone.  That’s gonna be a MAJOR job!!!

Then, there’s my calendar.  I would sooooo love it if that had been backed up!  I know I have all kinds of appointments set up but have no idea when & where!  I have some appointment cards but not for all of them.  Plus birthdays & vacation dates are all lost.  Drat!  I’m gonna be so lost without all that info!

Phones numbers, physical addresses, email addreses, birthdays & anniversaries.  All lost.

I am NOT going to let myself lose stuff like this next time!  I’m gonna keep a backup on EVERYthing!!!





My Rehab & My Pool

After I had my triple heart bypass in November of 2009 I started going to cardio therapy. That was a tough time for me but every time I went I would get stronger so the results were very visible. I didn’t mind the hard work since the results were so easy to see. There are some really amazing people working in cardio rehab at the Tyler Center at RMC Hospital in Anniston. They were very helpful in teaching me how to use the machines & encourage me to do the exercises I needed to do so I would get strong again. I am sure they were really wondering about this crazy girl showing up without a bra & some pretty low cut tops! With the stitches starting to heal down my chest, I could barely stand to wear AnyThing! I saw other women with their shirts buttoned up to their chin so you couldn’t see their scar. Not me! I let it all hang out! LoL I probably flashed some of the other patients & luckily didn’t give any of the elderly gents a heart attack! After a while I actually started wearing a bra again but, it took some time before I could stand one. Since I was never really big on wearing a bra any way, it was easy to lapse into not wearing one for a while. I was having some back problems from being in one spot for such a long time during the surgery so the doc thought I would benefit from aqua therapy. I started spending an extra hour, three times a week, at the heated pool. My first day there I went home & told Art I wanted one just like it! I don’t know exactly how big it is but I do know it’s way more than I could ever afford at home!!! There were wide steps going into it from one end. A long rail just under the edge of the water that went the length of the pool. It was 3 1/2 feet deep on one side. The other side was 4 1/2 feet deep. There was a section in the back that was most of the width of the pool & six feet wide that was six feet deep. I would walk up & down the long rail forwards a few laps then would turn around & walk up & down it backwards a few more laps. There was a step up that I could practice stepping up & down, front, back & sideways. There were paddles with different resistances that we used to do exercises in the water. I was so proud of myself when I was able to move up to the higher resistance paddles. I did bends & stretches & stepping in place. Then I would go into the deep section & do some more exercises. But, when I was thru with everything else, I would just dangle. Just float around the deep end with a noodle or one of the paddles to hold me up & let my legs hang down. That took so much pressure off of my lower back & felt so very good in the 92 degree water! Even before my therapy time was over, I was already talking to Art about getting a pool so I could do my workouts at home instead of driving 45 minutes each way to go to the therapy pool. At first he was completely agreeable. But when the time came to actually get one he balked. I spent all summer 2010 begging & him resisting. Then a friend of mine called me one day & said there was someone in Piedmont that had one for sale. We went & looked at it & fell in love. It was 4 1/2 feet deep & 30 feet across & the biggest pool I had ever seen that wasn’t in a water park, resort or hotel. The price was reasonable & we had a very good friend who had just finished school to be a heavy equipment operator who said he would get the hillside dug out for us on his days off of work. He had worked on it some & it was looking good when trajedy struck. Jimmy was at work & had been sick with the flu. He passed out & they called paramedics & ended up in the hospital in Georgia. We picked up his Mom & his kids & took them to the hospital. He was resting comfortably, joking around like his usual self & seemed to be over the worst of it so we left him. We even talked his wife into going on home & getting some rest since she had been at the hospital since the night before. Little did we know that would be the last time we saw him alive. Since Art claimed him as another son, we were very close & have missed him terribly since he has been gone.   After that, Art floundered around & tried to get some of the digging done. But, he was slow. Not being trained in what he was doing, he was floundering. After a while he started to get the hang of it but by then it was getting to be bad weather outside & winter was settling in around us. Then it started raining. We didn’t think we could ever get into a drought again with all the rain we were getting. April. May. June. Rain. The lady we bought the pool from was getting frustrated. I was getting frustrated. Art was already frustrated. Finally, we got the digging done & had been talking to a friend of ours about helping us move the pool. The problem is that nobody knew anything about taking down & setting up a pool. So, I got on the internet & telephone & started looking for somebody to move the pool. I even talked with the store the pool was bought from originally. They were less than helpful. I even tried to order some of the coping covers from them that needed to be replaced & they wouldn’t even try to order them for me. The pool is only about five years old & has a twenty year warranty. I don’t understand their attitude at all. I won’t even buy my chemicals & pool supplies from them because of their attitude. They’re on the expensive side so I figure I’m better off without them any way. We did finally find a guy to move the pool. As it turn out, he was the one that used to work for the place it was bought from & had set it up originally. He got it down & brought the sides to the house but it came a torrential rain storm again. He came back the next weekend & got it set up & got the new liner installed for us. We weren’t done yet. Two days after it was set up & starting to get full, we could not get the pool to finish filling up. There was also a place around it that was getting more & more soggy. We did not have any any idea what to do or how to begin to look for a leak. So, we called the installer back & he came back out, found it for us & patched the little tiny pin hole for us. Next, was the access to the pool. We had two ladders that were sent over with the pool. One went up the outside & down the inside of the pool. Only one problem with that one. It was too short. It did not reach the ground or the inside of the pool. If you leaned it to one side you could climb up to the top then teeter totter until you could get turned around & go down the other side. That was scary. And it made me dizzy trying to use it. Art finally got some stepping stones & set them up under the sides of it & we could go up it with no problem. It was still wobbly at the top but not as bad . But when you turned around to go down the other side it still didn’t reach the bottom so it was unsteady. Next came the deck. I was so excited when they were out there building that deck! I took progress pics as they were working. When the deck was complete I was thrilled! It took a few more days to get the wedding cake steps set up & we still don’t have them anchored down but I love them! That’s definitely the way to go when getting in & out of the pool. Since I’ve been having such a time of dizziness, I keep the ladder that was too short next to the steps so I can hold onto it unil I get a good hold on the ladder for the steps. I got Art to cut me some shelves & painted them so I would have somewhere to put stuff & use the ladder rungs for haging up towels. The top even gets used for my beach bag that I carry my towels & stuff from the house in. After that, I got a new umbrella & painted it up pretty. I even Scotch Guarded it so it can be cleaned easier. Got some muscle here to move the table from the back deck to the pool & have gotten one of the chairs out there, too. Since the chairs have a metal frame, the arms get really hot in the sun. I found some of the split styrofoam wrap like we use on water pipes to keep them from freezing & slid it across the top of the arms on the chair. Works great & doesn’t get so hot. I need to add some twine so it will stay in place & not blow away if it gets stormy outside. Next, I need to get the rest of the chairs moved out there & the arms fixed up on them, too. Art has been working on the wiring so it should get done soon. He’s going to weld some rebar together for me & make bottle trees. I want four to go across the back where the bank of dirt is that he doug out. We will eventually get rocks to cover the hillside & I want to put indoor/outdoor Christmas lights in the bottles & use that for lighting. I also have a big glass water bottle that I’m going to put twinkle lights in to use out there. For my birthday I asked for rocks for the hillside. I have one from the Redneck Riviera that will be the centerpiece. There are some more that were given to me for birthday presents that will look great out there. And some seashells mixed in from the different beaches we have been will give the hillside some flair. After the rocks get done on the hillside we will get some rails put up around the deck. I can hardly wait to get it all finished!!!


I have a gentleman caller…….

I have a gentleman caller.  His name is Kitty Boy. 

The first time I saw him was in February.  These two little kittens were at the end of the road just off the highway.   One was grey & white the other was a fuzzy yellow tabby.  I  would see them every so often for about a month then didn’t see them any more. 

It wasn’t until May that Kitty Boy started visiting me.  We had a rescue kitty named Angle that our other cats wouldn’t let in the house to eat so we kept some food outside for him.  Kitty Boy showed up one day & had that glazed look in his eyes like he wasn’t going to make it much longer.  He was starving to death.  I was really glad there was food outside for him to eat.  He would run away whenever he saw me.

He started showing up here about once a week.  When he got to the edge of the yard he would be meowing his fool head off.  I would talk to him.  He would slowly advance toward me because he knew the food was there.  And as long as the doggies stayed away he would come on up & get him some food.  He would even let me pet him a little bit.  But he would eat some food then dissappear for another week or so.

I knew the fleas were getting bad so I got some flea treatment & squirted it betweet his shoulder blades one day.  He was really insulted but he let me pet him a little bit after I put it on him so I thouhgt he had firgiven me.  He chowed down on some food & that was the last I saw him for another week.

Even though he was eating a little better with his weekly visits, he wasn’t gaining much weight.  Then one day I saw a little white squiggle on his butt & realized the problem.  He had worms.  We had to take the doggie to the vet the next week so I asked for some wormer meds to give to him.  The vet gave me a little white tablet.  Now to get him to take his meds.

It was a few days before he showed up again.  When I saw him I took off for the fridge & got out some cheese.  I sliced off a piece & broke the pill into four pieces.  One of the pieces when into a piece of cheese & I fed it to him.  He ate it without even slowing down so I gave him anothere piece with meds in it.  He ate that one too but I think he realized it had a funny tast to it.  The third piece he bit down on it then spit it out & would not take any more. 

He did hang around more & was getting more food in him &  could tell he was gaining a little bit of weight but still not enough.  A few days after I got the first half of the meds in him, Art’s daughter Ashley squatted over him & managed to get the other half of the pill down his throat & held his mouth closed until he swallowed it.  He wasn’t happy about that but really didn’t put up too much of a fuss. 


Now, he’s hanging around a lot more.  He’s out there when I get up in the mornings &  has even been taking our walk with the doggies with us.  He’s not so jumpy about the dogs any more but still does not trust them much & growls if they get too close.  Who can blame him since they were chasing him or barking at him every time they saw him.  I don’t think they would hurt him & after getting scolded a lot,  they are not as bad now as they were. 

I have gotten him to come into the house a few times but he’s really nervous inside & goes right back outside.  Our two kitties aren’t really friendly with him yet but I think they are getting used to him being here.

He did join us at the pool yesterday.  He watched me & the doggies playing in the pool & even came over to the edge of the pool after the doggies got out & wandered away for a while.

I go outside several times a day & call him.  He’s been out there a lot lately.  When he’s out there he ‘talks’ to me a lot & loves being petted.  I guess time will tell if he becomes a house kitty or even if he keeps hanging around here. 

I just know I enjoy my gentleman caller when he comes to visit & hope he becomes a regular part of my life.

Back to School & Friends Along the Way

Today was the first day back to school for a lot of the area schools. What a fun & exciting day! I really Loved going to school!
I grew up living in the country so summers meant I didn’t get to see most of my friends except on Sundays at church & an occasional visit now & then. School starting back meant I could see my friends almost every day of the week. What fun!
I was always smart enough in school that if I did my homework I could make a decent grade. In fact, a lot of the time in class I would be bored, waiting for the rest of the clas to catch on to what the teacher was telling us. That could get me in trouble. Getting caught daydreaming was Not A Good Idea!
I was so extrememly bashful in elementary school I had ZERO class participation. When the teacher would ask me something in class I would tell her I didn’t know the answer so I wouldn’t have to talk in class.  So glad I got over that by the time I got into high school!
We moved the Summer between sixth & seventh grade. On my first day in seventh grade one of my cousins introduced me to a friend of hers that had the same class schedule as I did. We were both so scared, we held hands all day long.

That was the beginning of a lifelong friendship with Pam. I am so very glad I got to know her that first day. We have both come a long way since that day & I don’t think either one of us would be so afraid nowadays.  I have lost contact with her a few times over the years but we always managed to find eachother again.  She’s one of the most special people I have ever known.

I was at this school such a short time before we moved again but came back there a year or so later & made another lifelong friend.  That’s where I met Tim.  He was my first sweetheart & the first guy I ever dated.  My first engagement & my first broken heart.  We have lost & found eachother a few times but keep hanging in there.  I know we’ll never be more than friends now but I also know he’s there if I need him.

We seemed to move a lot during high school.  Another friend that I met shortly after starting the seventh grade was Jackie.  We became instant friends when my family moved to another city in the middle of the school year.  That was when I decided to stop being so bashful.  So, when I met her I was in the beginning stages of a bold new personality!  What a fun time!  I actually got the nickname ‘Giggles’ because that’s what I did to cover the bashfullness! 

My family moved again by the end of the school year but we kept in touch for a while.  It was after I moved to Texas that I lost all contact with her.  It wasn’t until about a year ago that I remembered her married name & found her on FaceBook.  We actually got to get together for dinner one day when she was traveling thru my area.  What a special time!  I got to meet two of her kids & one of her grandkids!  She has aged so much more beautifully that I have.  But, you know what?  We Both still have that spunk that we did back in junior high school!  Yeay!

In Junior High school I met another girl named Karen that I dearly loved.  She was from a family of all girls.  We used to spend the night with eachother & had a lot of fun.  When we moved away from where she lived, we wrote eachother a lot of letters.  I lost contact with her when I moved to Texas & tried to find her when I moved back.  She’s still in the same area & I have contacted one of her sisters but she’s not online so it’s hard to reach her.  Sure do wish I knew her married name!  I would find her address & mail her a long overdue letter!

It was later in high shcool that I met Tammy.  That was my senior & most rebelious year of school!  We became fast friends & pulled some shenanigans together.  But, my life was on the verge of change that year.  Right after graduation I moved to Texas & lost contact with her.  It was eighteen years later, when I moved back to Alabama that I found her again.  We managed to get together a few times but our lives are both so busy, we don’t have much time to spend together.  And our paths have taken very different directions since back then.  But, that’s ok.  We will always be friends any way.



Motorcycle Rides & Dreams

When I first met Art a mutual friends had told him I Loved Riding Motorcycles. What she failed to tell him was that I had not been on a bike since I was in an accident on one about twenty years before.
We ended up getting together any way & I did ride his Honda Goldwing on a few trips before my back started giving me too many problems to ride any more.
I mean, really! Have you ever been to Cherokee, North Carolina? There’a casino there but since we don’t care much for gambling that was not a draw for us. We did, however enjoy doing some shopping there & along the way, too.
The only problem was that Art took me there on his motorcycle. So, we had to pack light since we knew it would be an overnight trip. That did not leave much room for any purchases we might decide to make.
All those hairpin turns going thu the mountains were a lot of fun at one time but a little nerve racking when you have not been on a bike in a while.

With the antique markets, flea markets along the way & the neat little Indian shops once we got there, I could have filled an eighteen wheeler with stuff! And to have to pick & choose to get only enough stuff that would fit on the bike was definately cruel & unusal punishment! I told Art next time we go I’m taking the van!!!

Well, the years have passed & Art ended up with some shoulder problems so he sold his Goldwing.  About a year later he had surgery on that shoulder & after a few months of recuperation, he decided to get ‘a cheap bike to ride the two miles to & from his shop’.  What he ended up with was a BMW.   A really, really nice & not very cheap motorcycle. We always thought the Goldwing was the Caddilac in the biking world.  The BMW is more like the Rolls Royce of the motorcycle industry.  Smoothest thing I have Ever been on!

We just never seemed to have time to go anywhere on the thing.  And the back problem kept getting worse, so long trips were out for me.  I told Art to go ahead & ride it & I would stay home but half the fun is going together.  So the bike sat there covered up in the shop.  I don’t think he rode it half a dozen times since he got it. 

Yesterday, I registered with Craig’s List & posted the bike with some pictures & a price & phone number on it.


The first message I got was from a girl telling me that if the mileage was not correct, it was a felony to post it.  I sent her a message right away to let her know I had posted it as having 28,000 miles & it actually had 28, 278 miles on it.  Really!  Who did she think she was dealing with! 

Before bedtime I got another message from a guy wanting to know if it had been wrecked.  The pics I posted were from four different poses.  It was pretty obvious there was no damage anywhere on the bike!  So, I sent him a message letting him know it was a cream puff. 

Anothere guy waited until 7:50 & couldn’t stand it!  That’s when  the phone started ringing!  When! We got a few calls, including one from the guy I had already told was a cream puff the night before.

Art took the bike out for a final spin.  I guess you could say it was a farewell tour.  We did not think the first guy that called would be here for at least another hour.  He must have a lead foot because he got here in a hurry!  I heard a lot of racket & looked up & here came a big black truck with a trailer bouncing along behind it.

First one here, first with the money………Sold it to the first guy that showed up to have a look.  He never even got on it.  He had to wait for Art to get back with it & he saw right away it was a good running bike.  Me, I would have had to take it out for a test drive Any Way.  Not him, he just had Art drive  it up on the trailer he brought with him.  I guess he was ready to get a new bike & came  prepared.


After he left I decided to check its the value in the NADA book.  Wish I’d checked that BE-Fore I posted it on Craigs List!  No wonder the phone kept ringing!  We sold it for about $2000 LESS than the retail value listed.  Wow!  So, I guess we learned a good lesson from that!  Find out what it’s worth BE-Fore you list something!


My Morning Walks

We take the doggies for a walk every morning about 7:30. They think if the sun is up, it’s time to go for a walk. During the summer it’s really hard to get them to understand that jsut because the sun is up, it’s not time to go for a walk!
We call them our Little $hits! The name seems appropriate since they are shi’tzhu’s.
They sure do keep us busy but they also keep us happy. It’s hard to live up to their image of us but we really do try.
They have an electric leash that only allows them to go to the bottom of the hill by the house. When we take them for walks we go all the way to the end of the driveway. That’s 1015′ so it’s quite a little walk.
There are roses, fruit trees, a weepling willow, & sycamores along the driveway.
There are also some really pretty wildflowers that pop up to make us smile.
The yellow daisies are really pretty. Right now we have some sort of little purple flower at the end of the driveway that are just adorable. One day there were two or three the next day I think they had doubled or tripled.
I was cleaning out the pompous bush the other day while I was walking & the darn thing bit me! Got all kinds of scrapes down the under side of my elbow & my arm! I really swear I was no where near the sharp edges of it! It just snuck under my arm & bit me!!!
Everybody should come walk with us. We have a great time & get some good exercise. It’s starting to get hotter, earlier so we may have to start going a little bit earlier than we are now.

Busniess Trip to Branson, Missouri

We were planning a business trip to Branson, Missouri for last week but Art had an appointment with the doc that removed his bladder & scans him every year to be sure the cancer hasn’t shown up anywhere else.
So, we decided to pick up George & Sylvia & take them with us since their daugter lives near Branson.
Wednesday morning, we loaded up the van with just a li’l bit of room left over for George & Sylvia to take a change of clothes & headed to Vinson to pick them up.
We headed out to Brookwood for Art’s doc appointment. There’s a neat little Greek place near the doc’s office so we had some lunch there before we saw the doc.
We finally got on the road late that afternoon & drove up to Mammoth Springs for the night. There sure is a lot of water going over those springs. I think they said it was in the millions of gallons per hour. It has the world’s largest volume of water crossing it all the time. Or, something like that!
I just know it’s lots & lots of water going thru there & it’s really pretty, too.
The next morning we got up & drove thru Springfield & into Willard. Tammy & Brian had lunch ready when we got there & fed us some mighty fine food before we left & went on to Branson for our business meeting.
We got to meet a lot of great people & learn an awful lot of stuff while we were there. We also found out that some of the other business associates are as nutty as we are!
The one thing we did not get to do was see a show while we were in town. We tried. We really did. Traffic, however, had a different idea of how we should spend our time so, we had some pretty good pizza with our new friend, Jody, & went back to the motel.
While we were wandering around the shopping place looking for the bar everybody went to hang out at, I found a really neat little quilt shop & just had a blast looking thru all the great quilts they had there.
By the time I went next door to the bar, Art was about ready to send out the rescue squad since everybody knows if I go around the corner I can’t find my way back. He just knew I was lost forever! LoL Fooled him, I did!
We dropped off two of the guys from the conference at the airport when we were ready to leave. That was an interesting trip! Ron was in front & encouraging Art to drive down the middle turn lane to get around the monster traffic! And, Art doesn’t need much encouraging. I wasn’t worried since the police seem to give Art professional courtesy but, I think it about gave Jody a heart attack!
We spent a couple nights at Tammy & Brian’s & Tammy even took us to Nebraska to a casino one day. And I won a whole $2.50 playing the penny machine. Since I’m not much of a gambler, I took my winnings straight to the gift shop. I wouldn’t want the casino to miss out on getting their money back, after all!
Then it was back on the road & back home. We drove straight thru & it wasn’t a bad trip at all.

When we got to West Memphis we got to have lunch with Dave, one of my facebook trucker friends.  It was nice to get to meet him after talking with him for over a year online.
We went down 280 when we got to the Birmingham area since we had left my iphone charger in the motel room along with the bottles of water & the chocolate we didn’t want to leave in the car to melt.
The only problem is that ever since I plugged the new charger into my phone, it has stopped downloading my email & facebook messages. Now it won’t even recognize my email addy. What’s up with that? I guess it’s another trip to AT&T or maybe even to the Apple store to get that straightened out.
Yesterday was a zombie day since we were tired from the trip.
Now it’s time to get the laundry caught up again & chew down some of the emails since I’ve got about 850 of them stacked up now.
Such is life………..